"Your Dreams, Our Strategies."

We are defined by our name AXIANTA. "AXIA" is a Greek word meaning "strong, powerful, worthy, deserving, in keeping with, value and merit." The suffix "nta" means "of heart, to serve and to give."

AXIANTA Financial Partners, Inc. (AFP) is an independent financial service marketing company based out of Henderson, Nevada. With over 19 years of service, we are dedicated to meeting the financial needs of families, individuals and businesses around the country. 

Our goal is to take an educational approach and deliver our knowledge to people from all walks of life. Our firm does not require a certain net worth or a minimum investment to get started.  We will provide you with a customized no obligation complimentary financial strategy for anyone who needs help or feels they are being overrlooked by the traditional financial industry. 

AXIANTA has a team of associates who bring value and service beyond expectation. With many different financial strategies, AXIANTA's associates walk their clients through a six-step process to help them address financial goals and solutions.  Whether the goal is saving for retirement, preparing for a child’s education, getting out of debt or passing on a legacy, AXIANTA's associates work with clients to help them move from Dreaming to Doing.